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Startup Abroad

In this era of efficiency and creativity, there is no shortage of innovative ideas. Every day, entrepreneurs are conceptualizing new ideas through breakthrough products and services. Unfortunately, only a few startups make it out of the ideation stage, and of those that do, only a small fraction succeed. The UFO "Startup Abroad" program is an amazing opportunity for the founders of startups in India and abroad who are motivated to set up their startups in North American and European Markets. The primary purpose of this initiative is to help and guide Founders in their mission to convert their innovative ideas into businesses leveraging access to funds and investor expertise in the markets outside India.

The program offers a direct pathway to Permanent Residence for qualifying entrepreneurs who will receive funding, guidance and expertise in opening and operating their enterprise in markets of Canada, USA, UK & Europe.

  • Access to the world's largest group of active investors - 3000+ in 26 Countries

  • 100+ Million USD invested across 200 companies in 2019

  • Priority assessment & assured evaluation in the first few weeks of applying through the UFO "Startup Abroad" Program

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Fastrack evaluation process of your startup through the UFO "Startup Abroad" Program


Get letter of support from interested investors, incubators


Get introduced to co-founders that will bring capital and expertise to your business and help you scale.


Your formal naturalization process along with your family members is initiated while you work to build your startup

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