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Yes, you have completed and got your education and necessary degrees in place. But is it enough for you to get through interviews and land a job that you always wanted? According to a survey by job search platform firstnaukri, almost 2/3rd of the freshers graduating this year will struggle to get a job as campus hirings have taken a hit. At the same time, 44% of graduates who have a job offer mentioned that their companies have deferred the joining dates while the rest have revoked the offers. To stand out in the crowd today, you will need to have an edge over your peers and have the extra skills that make you office-ready and a good hiring prospect.

The UFO "CareerPro" OFFICE READY program consists of 3 elements:

1) MBA Foundation Course - This a FREE course that helps you learn the basics of business management. This course is based on a self-learning curriculum and will teach you the relevant topics of sales, marketing, production, design thinking, finance, organization skills, and data analytics.

2) Certificate in Business Management Basics - Once you complete the course, you can take the CBM assessment test and get your certificate.

3) 100% Placement - You will be then offered placement in form of internships with our partner organizations as per your skills and qualification.

What you will learn in the OFFICE READY - MBA Foundation Course?

1) Business Communication Skills - How to conduct yourself in interviews, body language, appearing confident, expressing yourself clearly, public speaking.

2) Customer Relationship Management - Basics of CRM and how you can apply these basics into retaining customers and growing your sales.

3) Financial Management - Basics of finance along with concepts of taxation and compliance, Corporate finance, P/L Statements, Budgeting

4) Human Resources & Organizational Behavior - Basic of FR function within an organization and also concepts around organizational behavior.

5) Managerial Economics - How do economies function? Pricing determination basics and market structure

6) Marketing Management - What is a Brand? Brand Positioning and Digital Marketing Basics

7) Sales Strategy - Creating an effective sales strategy as per your target audience.

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All of this comes to you with a one-time payment of 7,999 INR + GST.

Enroll and get your career going today!

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Get proficient in the basics of business management through this self-paced learning program.


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You will be offered paid internships where you will start taking the first steps in your career.


Get placed in the organizations based on your choice of function and skills you have acquired.

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