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About Us

Transformative Technologies Private Limited (“TTPL”) is a technology company with its registered office in Mumbai, India. We are a Technology and Skill Development company in the Education-technology segment, seeking to impart learning and education by harnessing content, technology, and experience of trainers for better learning outcomes.

TTPL, as a part of its education foray, has set up the Sensei Guild Academy.

The Sensei Guild Academy has designed the Upskill Courses Program, covering trending Tech Courses pan - India through online live classes, the Entrepreneurship Program (UFO-Unicorn Futuring Olympiad), the MBA Foundation Program (CareerPro), and student pathways including Study Abroad and Placements/ Internships.

The Entrepreneurship Development Program (“UFO Program”) is the flagship Program of TTPL, followed by the CareerPro Program (“Business Management Skills”). We have developed and implemented several programs that are relevant, skill-enhancing and beneficial for our students. The programs are essentially outcome-based solutions for young learners and professionals. Through our partnership with Green & Spiegel, Canada, Yaduca, Canada and SmartMoves, UK as well as our presence in the GCC region, we are a Global EdTech solutions company.

Who we are:
•    Transformative Technologies Private Limited (“TTPL”) was founded in 2019, with the aim of using technology as a platform to create unique education-based products and services for 
–    Higher secondary students
–    Undergraduates
–    Young entrepreneurs and 
–    Aspiring professionals

•    We seek to impart learning and education by harnessing content, technology, and experience of trainers for better learning outcomes.
–    We have developed and launched The Entrepreneurship Development Program (“UFO Program”) 
–    We have developed and launched The CareerPro Program (“Business Management Skills”)
–    We have developed “Inclite”, a Predictive Technology-based Learning Management Solution
–    We have developed and implemented several programs that are relevant, skill-enhancing, and beneficial for our students

•    We base our course design on the principles of the experiential learning model
–    It is a longer process than lecture-based learning, and it cannot cover the same amount of content.
–    Gives students the opportunity to work with smaller chunks of information
–    Students to participate in robust projects
–    Build the curriculum to develop reflection and assessment mechanisms with instructors playing a far more involved role in this model.

Our Thesis & Philosophy
•    An online Learning platform must 
–    Channelise quality Content from varied sources
–    High levels of Digitisation
–    Use other forms of interactive learning such as videos etc. 

•    Need to co-opt teachers or Mentors – HAVE to retain the human element in learning
–    Omnichannel network is the optimal solution
–    Teachers wear multiple hats in the experiential model: instructor, mentor, and listener. 
–    Without trained faculty, students will be unable to get the best from a course designed for experiential learning
–    More for Less’ – feature-rich and functionalities packed solutions
–    Teaching, revision, testing, feedback mechanism through the use of analytics, “gamification experience 
–    Robust evidence of student outcomes.
–    Choice of study programs to be based on 
•    the actual value that can be derived rather than driven solely by affiliations and endorsements
•    Relevance to groups such as aspiring entrepreneurs, Average students, students from low-income households, and first-generation graduation aspirants

Our Team
Mr. Anup Kapadia (CEO & Co-Founder, TTPL) is a management graduate with 28 years of experience in banking, financial services, advisory and consulting. Anup works with entrepreneurs and businesses on strategy, business development, financing and management. Anup has worked with organizations such a Kotak, HSBC, Rothschild and HDFC Bank. Anup is the co-founder of Maitreya Capital and Financial Services Pvt Limited, a Non-Banking finance company supporting micro-entrepreneurs. Anup is an investor in several ventures and mentors and supports entrepreneurs.

Mr. Vivek Tyagi (CTO & Co-Founder, TTPL) is a technology thought leader with more than 22 years of experience in Software Products & Services. Vivek’s professional experience in technology covers consulting, project management, resource management & team management for offshoring projects. Vivek is passionate about education and teaching and has built India’s leading Edutech platforms. He is a pioneer and visionary on the use of gamification principles in teaching and learning. Vivek is a strategic investor and mentor to several technology companies.

Mr. Beerajaah Swain (Global Marketing Director & Co-Founder, TTPL) is a Digital Marketing Expert with a Masters’ Degree in Marketing and over 20+ years of professional experience. Beerajaah has over 30 Global & Domestic awards for innovative media work and has significant experience in leading, mentoring & scaling teams and in setting a vision for a team and for a brand’s digital strategy. Beerajaah is a mentor of change with Atal Tinkering Labs, Niti Ayog.

Ms. Komal Shah (COO & Co-Founder, TTPL) is a KPMG Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, with an experience spanning Commercial and Investment Banking. Komal has worked in innovative banking and financial products across the spectrum of business segment ideation, product development and implementation at a global level. During her stint at ICICI Bank, London, UK, Komal pioneered the launch of ‘seamless online loan’ product as a global product offering. Komal is passionate about the field of Education Technology, known for her focus on an ‘Inclusive approach’ to Education and is currently a Guest Lecturer at the SP Jain Institute of Management Studies.

Mr. Vivek Samant (CFO, TTPL) is a certified financial adviser with over 25 years of multi-disciplinary experience in Financial Management, Accounting, Taxation, Insurance and Compliance with organizations such as Kotak & HSBC.

Mr. Nitesh Bhardwaj (Global Business Development Manager, TTPL) has been an entrepreneur & young professional with 5 years of experience in Software/Product Development, Retail, Ed-tech, Hackathon management, Sales & Marketing, and new business origination. Nitesh started his career in software development with TCS and moved on to set up his venture Nitesh has also been a leader of a non-profit initiative, which focuses on student outcome-based activities like internships. Nitesh has excelled at strategic planning, contribution to start-ups and has a pulse of the young student mind-set. His work with TTPL primarily involves Global Student outreach.

The art of reinvention will be the most critical skill of this century

Our Vision



India is a hotbed of innovation – 4th position globally

According to CB Insights, there are 361 private companies around the world valued at over $1 billion and India has 16 of them taking four percent share. India is a shade below the UK, which has 19 unicorns with five percent share.


Our vision is that all children and young people regardless of background or social standing have access to essential life skills and entrepreneurial education. UFO is focused on inspiring children everywhere to think creatively and solve problems. Sensei Academy is focussed to upskill and reskill young individuals who are in the early stages of their careers and make a mark in the industry. Our consulting arm's vision is to help startups scale in India and abroad and make a name for our country.